Inclusion, Education & Wellbeing in the Workplace

The following extract is taken from a post-event report for our recent The STIR Diversity & Inclusion Conference, kindly written by BAB members Matter of Form. You can read the report in full here.


At Matter Of Form, we are fascinated by the changes in how we live and work in our ever more rapidly evolving world. Many fear that their jobs will be made obsolete by technology but that they will still need to work for longer, as their life expectancy rises…

On the 13th of February, Matter Of Form attended the BAB Stir Conference, ‘100 Year Life’ at the London campus of University of Chicago Business School to gain expert insight into how century-long life expectancies will impact the future workforce.

Beginning with a compelling fireside chat, moderated by Dame Vivian Hunt (Managing Partner, Mckinsey & Company), Irene Dormer (Non-Executive Director, Rolls Royce and AXA) it was discussed how to harness a happier, more productive multigenerational workforce who now live and work for longer.

From Diversity to Inclusion

In prior years, achieving a diverse workforce was the main goal of most companies. However, it is now recognised that diversity does not go far enough. Diversity without inclusion simply does not work. “We are beyond diversity, we should be into inclusion” Dormer noted that enlightened employers recognise that people from all backgrounds and interests can add an invaluable perspective to new business opportunities and challenges, and in doing-so produce much greater progression than was the case in the more homogenised approach of the past.

Inclusion celebrates differences not just for the sake of representation or fulfilling quotas, but to create a fair and equal approach to talent and culture.  Being more inclusive of gender, race, age, physical ability and culture businesses generates the diverse human capital needed to succeed. It all leads to a happier and more productive multi-generational and multi-cultural workforce who are living and working together successfully for longer.

You can read the report in full here.