Innovation In Hospitality: The Power of Big Data in Creating Memorable Guest Experiences

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The hospitality market has witnessed incredible growth over the last decade. With 4% year-on-year growth, the UK hospitality sector has turned over in excess of £100bn for the first time in 2018. 

But traditional hotel brand identity is evolving. The demands of a digitally connected guest and ever-flexible workforce place new pressures on a market already grappling with the entry of outside players. Equinox, the high-end gym chain, has just debuted the first of its much-heralded hotels (‘It’s not fitness, it’s life’, being the brand ethos).

Detroit watch-and-bicycle retailer Shinola plans to open a 130-room hotel in Detroit later this year. Meanwhile, Airbnb continues its transformation into a full-service hotel and travel service platform. 

Brands are having to forge decidedly unique and compelling guest experiences, choosing today to experiment with what might be possible tomorrow. While the principle of truly knowing the guest has always been (and will always be) at the cornerstone of good hospitality, the guest experience is realised in entirely new ways today than it was 10 years ago. One can now plan, book and embark on an entire holiday – including checking in, dining and returning home – without ever actually speaking to another human being. 

While it’s certainly not guaranteed that the hospitality industry will maintain its decade-long period of growth – especially given the uncertainty surrounding Brexit – technology continues to be a vital part of the story. Effective deployment of digital innovation, one that supports and enriches the guest experience as opposed to mere automation, is a central part of this transformation.

Now, we’ll look at the state of digital innovation in hospitality today, addressing key case studies across wellness, sustainability, big data and game-changing brand partnerships. 

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