Meet the Speaker: June Sugiyama, Director, Vodafone Americas Foundation

June Sugiyama has been the Director at Vodafone Americas Foundation for the last 20 years. She is responsible for leading and providing strategic direction for Vodafone’s corporate foundation in the United States. As part of her role, she supports projects that advance the use of technology for social good by assessing community and nonprofit needs. June also created the Foundation’s Wireless Innovation Project, a competition designed to seek the best wireless technology solutions to address critical global issues. The competition has identified cutting-edge innovations in digital health monitoring, diagnosis, data collection, financial literacy, and economic development.

In addition, June helps support the incubation of social innovation start-ups; stimulate & nurture technology funding by developing funder & nonprofit education programs; and searches for innovative ways to harness mobile data for nonprofits to serve the community faster, better, safer, while emphasizing the importance of considering privacy and security.

June has launched several programs and a new platform for employee engagement to better connect and serve employees and their communities.