Lean-in to Data Workshop - Houston, TX

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In these workshops, BJSS will introduce you to the techniques of Lean Innovation and how they can be applied to deliver greater value from your data. Lean and design thinking are combined to help organizations rapidly validate, build, and launch new ideas. 

After a quick tour of key Lean design theories, BJSS will discuss their methodology to:

  1. Move more quickly to value
  2. Cut through organizational inertia
  3. Use quick wins to drive data innovation.

BJSS will share their approach and work together to tackle real-world challenges through hands-on activities. You will leave this workshop understanding the value of Lean Data Innovation and be empowered to apply it to your unique business challenges.

What you'll experience

Through a guided exercise, you’ll discover how to reframe your data challenges and create multiple hypotheses to test and prioritize the opportunities with the greatest value. Together we’ll take this to the next level, learn how to craft experiments using Action Strategy Cards, and develop a prioritized data-driven innovation roadmap. Understanding how data impacts your business is key to transforming your organization and making informed decisions.