Meet the Speaker:

Dr Michael Braida
TRICARE Head of Medical Services & Regional Medical Director MedAire, International SOS

Dr. Michael Braida is a Canadian physician based in London. Dr. Braida was educated in Canada and started his studies at the University of Toronto and went on to complete his Medical Degree at the University of Muenster, Germany with additional postgraduate research in Immunology.

His clinical training was completed at a large Munich City Hospital specializing in Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine with a focus on sepsis and organ failure. Dr. Braida has worked as an EMS helicopter physician for the German ADAC since 1991 and has had extensive air ambulance repatriation work with the German Red Cross.

Dr. Braida joined the International SOS Group as a Regional Medical Director in 2009 and is currently the Regional Medical Director MedAire Europe and Head of Medical Services TRICARE. Prior to his role in London, Dr. Braida was based in Phoenix, Arizona providing medical support and guidance for our commercial aviation and maritime clients at MedAire. He has had numerous Medical Director postings within International SOS which included Scotland, Norway, Sydney Australia, and Frankfurt Germany.

His focal areas of interest are travel medicine, intensive care medicine, medical evacuations, and utilization of digital technology in remote sites.