An Interview with Chris Perry

 Chris Perry, President of Global Sales, Marketing & Client Solutions, Broadridge Financial Solutions

Published May 21st, 2019

What do you do to turn things around when you’re having a bad day?

I find people who are able to give me energy by the things they’re doing and the excitement they have in what they do. Particularly, I feel I have the responsibility to make them feel confident and supported in what they do. That turns me around. I just thrive off that. People give me energy. People often come up to me and ask how I have so much energy? I get it from everybody around me. When I get down, the best antidote is to get people around me and try to help them be successful and I feel good from that.


What do you like to do when you’re not working?  Especially as summer is on the horizon?

I like to play golf, in part, because it’s approximately four hours. It’s four hours with, usually, three other people and, if you like those people and you’re outdoors, it’s pretty cool. I used to struggle with golf because after six or eight holes, I’d feel like I have to work and I’d be on my phone responding to emails. I still get that once in a while, but what I came to grips with was, look you need to use these four hours to just be with those people you’re with. I came to enjoy golf more and got better at golf in the process. It forces you to be in the moment.


When you have time, what do you like to read, and do you have any recommendations?

I read business books. I read business periodicals, quite a few. I read car magazines, a lot. Most of what I read is something that is good for business productivity, or business ideation or leadership or it’ll be about cars because I like and collect cars. If I get a chance, I like to read something around technology: how to better use your iPhone, Windows 10 tips or something. Howard Stern is coming out with a book soon and I’ve ordered that which I’ll read as I like to listen to him. I think he’s very real.


Favorite music artist/genre?

I like classic rock. I happen to be a big Journey fan. I suppose that really dates me. One thing that’s pretty cool about the generation now is that we would’ve never thought of listening to the music our parents liked, but our kids listen to the music from our generation and we’ve come to like their generation’s music. So, I’m pretty eclectic with music. I listen to top hits, pop, classic rock, occasionally some jazz to relax and very occasionally some classical. If you asked me to put on a radio station I’d put on 104.3 in New York: classic rock.


Favorite family tradition?

I love the Greek tradition of red eggs and the red egg contest. All eggs in a Greek Easter are painted red for the blood of Christ and you talk about it as Christ has risen. We do a contest where everyone gets an egg and you bang them together, front and back. If your egg cracks, you lose, you eat it and it’s over. If your egg doesn’t crack, then it’s last egg standing wins. I love that tradition, it’s a fun one.

Ironically, I’ve really come to like thanksgiving. When I was a kid, I hated thanksgiving as there’s no presents. Now I really enjoy it as there’s a lot of work to have a meal, but you don’t have to go and buy presents and you have some nice time together. It’s about holidays for me. They’re unique moments where I can disconnect from everything else a bit and just be a family man.