Responding to the Rapid Rise of Digital Workplace Transformation

An Article by Roger Woodend, Vice President of Media & Technology, BT

It’s no secret that the past 6 months have challenged the traditional ways in which we have worked for so long. While there is uncertainty in many areas of the workforce today, maintaining a consistent digital experience, reliable, secure connectivity and adopting new technologies are more important now than ever. At BT, we know the significance of meeting these challenges in a home an remote working environment.  Our first homeworking trials were back in 1992 and by 2000, a major element of our workforce had the flexibility to work from home.

A key part of solving these challenges is an all-encompassing solution. This is one that can deliver seamless migration, cutting edge mobile tools, and manage adoption at a reasonable cost and with flexibility to grow. While a solution such as this is essential, it is equally important to remember your company’s biggest asset: its people!

Resent research shows employees already have 6-8 collaboration tools, yet businesses fail to see the expected productivity gains. Our experience can help guide organizations on making sure the tools are fit for purpose and embraced by the users. We’ve helped other large corporations deliver 70% adoption globally within three months with a fantastic user experience and rapid returns.

Our BT researchers and innovation partners such as Dr. Nicola Millard, have also been interviewing BT homeworkers and making sure they had everything they needed to work effectively.  She turned to people who have decades of experience for advice, tips and suggestions for doing it successfully. If you want to read her guide on the top 5 tips from our people to yours, download her white paper here.

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