A Statement from Duncan Edwards, CEO, BritishAmerican Business on U.S. Visa Suspensions

25 June 2020

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Duncan Edwards
Chief Executive Officer
BritishAmerican Business

In response to the United States extending a freeze on a range of immigration visas including H-1B, H-2B, H-4, J-1, and L-1 visas, BritishAmerican Business Chief Executive, Duncan Edwards said:

“As the representative of more than 400 U.S. and UK companies committed to  transatlantic trade and investment, we firmly believe that the ability to deliver prosperity for our nations is tied to the ability to attract the best, and most skilled workers from across the globe. We therefore regret the U.S. Administration’s decision to restrict legal, temporary immigration for the purposes of work and study.”

“Moving qualified workers across the Atlantic is an essential part of the trade and investment calculation which businesses make. This process does not take employment opportunities away for local citizens; on the contrary, it attracts investment and creates jobs in the United States. It enhances innovation. It fosters cultural exchange. It strengthens the bond between allies and friends.”

“The COVID-19 health crisis needs to be contained and travel restrictions have understandably been part of the public health response. However, any restrictions on travel and an open and vibrant environment for labor mobility should be temporary and removed as soon as the health risk allows.”

“We call on the U.S. Government to create processes to allow all those with already approved visas to enter the country, to help Embassies around the world inform applicants and businesses, and to review the decision as soon as it is possible.”