Unveiling the Power of Age Diversity in the Workplace for Inclusive Excellence

Thursday, February 29th

With five generations in the workplace for the first time in history, companies are starting to consider age within their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion reporting.  However, the 2022 EY US Generation Survey reveals that 1 in 5 workers have witnessed or experienced age-based discrimination but the benefits of tapping into intergenerational strengths, including unique backgrounds and perspectives, can enable businesses to future-proof their workforce.

Date: Thursday, February 29th
Time: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm EST
Location: Littler Mendelson P.C., NYC

Similar to how women have transformed the narrative around gender equality and pay gap, there is an opportunity for the older workforce to lead a movement for longevity and generational collaboration. Can “Gen X” and “Baby Boomers” reshape the narrative by encouraging and investing in reskilling, entrepreneurship, and reverse mentorship; thereby creating positive role models for future generations? After all, everyone will move into this generation of life.

We invite you to join BAB for this important conversation aimed at challenging and changing the mindset surrounding age disparities in the workplace. Our expert panel will explore the profound impact of generational differences, discussing how companies can leverage age diversity to enhance corporate resilience, actively support workplace equity, and ultimately improve employee retention.

The discussion will cover:

  • How the presence of five generations in the workplace shapes corporate culture and the challenges and opportunities it presents.
  • Strategies for training and development that challenge generational stereotypes and combine complimentary skillsets, fostering truly age-inclusive workplaces and addressing bias and discrimination issues.
  • Best practices for tailoring employee benefits to different life stages and understanding the human experience through a generational lens.
  • Developing innovative approaches to accommodate a productive and engaged seasoned workforce, harnessing their experience, and fostering meaningful mentorship programs in both directions.

“The Stir” is BritishAmerican Business’ inclusion & diversity initiative. Launched in 2011, this critical program series has grown and evolved in response to the changing needs within the transatlantic business community. In short, we are creating a stir: an open, honest conversation on how diversity & inclusion are not just good for business, but vital.

Together with our partners, BAB continues to remain vigilant in addressing this issues via a series of content-rich and community-building programs featuring the latest research, best practices, and real-world examples to make our case.

Meet the Speakers

Eileen Fahey media use

Eileen Fahey

Chief Risk Officer

Fitch Ratings

Michael_Hodin (1)

Michael Hodin, PhD

CEO, Global Coalition on Aging 
Managing Partner, High Lantern Group 


Katherin Nukk-Freeman

Co-Founder and President

SHIFT HR Compliance Training

024 MerrimanSimonYaoStudio (1)

Marcie Merriman

Americas Cultural Insights & Customer Strategy Leader


Meet the Moderator

Philip Berkowitz



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