The STIR: Mind The Gender Gaps – Bridging Say, Pay & Stay Gaps

While the transatlantic business community has made significant strides towards equalizing opportunities in the workplace, there is still much work to do to overcome the deeply entrenched gaps in opportunities for women. BritishAmerican Business brings together a panel of thought leaders to have an honest conversation on the gaps that still exist for women in the workplace today, and how we can bridge them. This includes:

  • The Pay Gap How effective has legislation aimed to equalize pay for women, a long-standing issue?
  • The Say GapThere is a relative lack of opportunities for women to speak publicly and take authoritative roles as a representative of the institutions they work for, which has wide-ranging repercussions on women’s careers;
  • The Age Gap A candid look at the disparate experiences and varying challenges that women of different age groups have in the workplace— from millennials to seasoned executives in senior ranks.
  • The Stay Gap… What are effective policies for UK and USA employers to overcome the “Stay Gap” and encourage women to return to work after career breaks?

Event Details


Tuesday, September 14th
Time 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm BST



Meet the Speakers

Megan Doberneck Headshot

Megan Doberneck,
General Counsel & Company Secretary, Vodafone Business

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Claire Mason

Claire Mason,
Founder & CEO, Man Bites Dog

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Bill Bradshaw, Withum

Bill Bradshaw,
Director of Inclusion and Diversity, Withum

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Gill Whitty-Collins 2

Gill Whitty Collins
Keynote Speaker, Board Member, Consultant, Executive Coach & Mentor & author of “Why Men Win at Work”

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