The Biden Administration's First Year:
Multilateral Tax Agreements, Landmark Legislation, Climate and COVID Challenges

After the first year of the Biden Administration, BAB brings together a panel of commentators and experts to review the policies of the past 12 months and their impact on US tax and the economy. 

The past year has seen landmark legislation including: Biden’s $2.1 Trillion in net tax increases to upgrade and overhaul the US infrastructure, a stronger focus on climate action by bringing together private and public sector leaders to focus on clean energy with a target to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2030, and a continued commitment to the Build Back Better plan. At the same time the Coronavirus pandemic still continues to dominate political coverage and affect economic recovery.
Each January, it is a good time to review the past year to take a deeper look at the year to come and what it might hold for the British-American business community, including:
  • the multilateral corporate tax deal and impact on UK and US Business
  • the economic impact of the Biden’s infrastructure bill office and the ongoing implications of the global pandemic
  • the political strategy and dynamics of the administration, particularly around the mid-term elections
Thanks to EY for their support and partnership to bring us this annual tax, political and business outlook.

Event Details


Monday, January 31st
Time 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm GMT

Location Zoom


Kate Barton, Global Vice Chair, Tax, EY

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Stephanie Kelly, Deputy Head of abrdn Research Institute., abrdn

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Doug Sosnik, Senior Advisor, Washington D.C., Brunswick Group

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Peggy Collins, Washington Bureau Chief, Bloomberg News

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