UK: Health and Safety Concerns and Queries

 An Article by Mark Callaghan, Associate, Littler

This article addresses the health and safety concerns and queries employers in the United Kingdom must consider when making the workplace “COVID-secure.” This covers the employer’s health and safety obligations, risk assessments, workplace adjustments and health testing of employees. We highlight questions as *UPDATED* where guidance has significantly changed since an earlier version of this article was published last year.

Top tips:

  • Employers are subject to various health and safety duties, so they need to understand how these duties apply to the specific risk of COVID-19 and adapt their policies and working practices accordingly before reopening their workplaces.
  • Following government guidance will help but won’t necessarily satisfy all obligations – employers must apply the requirements to their workplace and tailor their approach.
  • Click here for a quick-view checklist to help employers follow all of the key health and safety steps.

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