Each day over a million British citizens go to work for a US company across the United Kingdom, just as millions of Americans go to work every day for a British company headquartered in one of the many cities across the US. As the single largest investor in each other’s economies, the ‘special relationship’ between the United Kingdom and United States is a source of great strength and stability for both nations, and provides a countless number opportunities for its millions of citizens.

BritishAmerican Business continuously and relentlessly advocates for policies that strengthen the economic ties that bind the UK and US together. We welcome moves by the transatlantic business community to increase trade and investment between the two countries and ease the regulatory burdens on the thousands of businesses operating in towns and cities on both shores.

Today, as the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union and as a new Administration in Washington, D.C. begins to establish itself both domestically as well as internationally; BritishAmerican Business stands at the forefront of developments in the ‘special relationship’ and works tirelessly to deliver dialogue between our members, government, and a broader business public on both sides of the Atlantic to champion and further the values of this vital relationship.

Here you will find all of the latest work, news and developments BritishAmerican Business Policy does to enhance UK-US transatlantic trade and investment:

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