BritishAmerican Business (BAB) Comments on Proposed Reforms to UK Immigration System

13 August 2019

Contact: Dominic Parker, Communications Manager | 020 7290 9882 | +44 7500 115 352

In response to a set of newly proposed reforms to the UK’s immigration system, Duncan Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, commented the following:

“We welcome the Prime Minister’s recently announced proposals regarding the UK’s future immigration system, in particular the measures aimed at attracting more highly-skilled, experienced and entrepreneurial migrants to the UK.

“Having called for these proposals in our 2019/20 Policy Agenda, it is encouraging to see the Government is listening and responding to the needs of business, and we believe these proposals are a but a first step towards an updated, modern, and outward looking immigration system for the UK.

BAB and its members look forward to working closely with the Government to develop such a system that not only meets the needs of a modern society, but also drives economic growth and prosperity.”



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