Transatlantic Business Awards Dinner

BritishAmerican Business’ Transatlantic Business Awards Dinner is the premier gala event of the transatlantic business calendar and regularly attracts an audience of more than 500 senior business and government executives from both sides of the Atlantic.

Each year, BritishAmerican Business uses the occasion to present prestigious Transatlantic Business Awards to the leaders of two major multinational companies for their leadership in transatlantic business, and Special Awards to other distinguished business leaders for their achievements in particular fields.

Corporate Citizenship Awards Dinner

BritishAmerican Business’s Corporate Citizenship Award Dinner is a highlight of London’s transatlantic business calendar bringing together more than 200 influential business leaders from both sides of the Atlantic as well as other dignitaries including senior representation from UK and US Governments to recognise the work of transatlantic businesses making a positive impact on the communities they work in.