International Advisory Board

Our International Advisory Board (IAB) is the foundation for our influence in transatlantic business.

The International Advisory Board of BritishAmerican Business plays a unique proactive role in the leadership and direction of our organization. Advisory Board Members are Chairmen/Chairwomen, CEOs, Presidents and Senior Executives as well as Board Members of multinational organizations whose knowledge, influence and contact networks work to the benefit fellow BAB Corporate-level members and their companies, in the US and in the UK. Their stature, stewardship and influence are evidenced throughout the organization, in their sponsorships, membership referrals and thought leadership.


Dan Glaser

President & CEO, Marsh McLennan

“During this time of change, BAB’s role as a convening and policy body for transatlantic businesses is more important than ever.”

Anna Marrs

Group President, Global Commercial Services and Credit & Fraud Risk, American Express

“The work that BAB does to promote a positive and open environment for trade and investment between the USA and UK is of enormous value to the Transatlantic business community.”

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors sets the direction for our operations, programs, member benefits and policy initiatives.


Gavin Patterson

President & Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce